To the TAPE Membership:


I just wanted to get this information out to everyone so you have time to attend the Sunset Commission Public hearing the 24th and 25th of June in Austin, Texas. Read Bryan's letter.


Also, I've included information about the Oct 08 Seminar in San Antonio, make your reservations early.


I hope everyone has a great Father's Day. If your father is still alive make it special for them not just a card and telephone call.


Have a Great Weekend,




June 13, 2008

To: Michael Chimarys

From: Bryan Perot

RE: Sunset Progress Report

I attended the Polygraph Examiners Board meeting in February 2008 and presented TAPE’s position regarding the Sunset review. Two members of the Sunset staff were present during the meeting and heard my presentation. I provided those staff members with an outline of my presentation and requested they contact me if they should need additional information. To date they have not contacted me.

I received a copy of the Sunset Staff Report on June 3, 2008 and sent a copy to Don Ramsey. We discussed this report at length and decided to focus our efforts toward keeping the Polygraph Examiners Board autonomous. The position is that the Board should continue to be the rule making authority for the Texas Polygraph Industry. The Board has prepared a solution that should satisfy Sunset’s concerns about the grading of licensing examination and the Board should continue to be the licensing authority. The type of licensing examination that Sunset Staff recommended would not be a test that would expose whether an intern has not only learned the information, but mastered the information. The question formulation phase of the licensing examination has historically been difficult. The questions formulation and test construction have been equally difficult during the intern training. These two areas are vital parts of the polygraph examination process and it is essential that they remain part of the licensing examination.

If the Board is abolished and the duties are transferred to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, it will destroy the Texas Polygraph Industry as we know it today. It is currently a trusted profession and we must all work to protect the Industry by maintaining an independent board.

I would encourage all examiners to take time from their busy schedules and attend the Sunset Committee public meeting in Austin on June 24th and 25th at the Capitol (unsure of in room 2010 or room 1030) and voice your concerns - here.


Bryan Perot

                                        SEMINAR INFORMATION


Seminar dates:  Oct 30, 31, & Nov 1, 2008. (Happy Halloween!!)



  El Tropicana Riverwalk (Holiday Inn)

  110 Lexington Ave.

  San Antonio, TX  78205


  Tel: 800-288-3927



Web site: www.eltropicanohotel.com


Our sales contact is Rob Pena, Sales Mgr.


Room rates are $85.00 - double or single.




The following is the info on the speakers for Friday of the Oct. Seminar.


Pegasus Schools, Inc.

Pegasus provides on-campus counseling services for juvenile sex offenders and other troubled youth.  Their clients include Juvenile Probation Departments from across the State of Texas and Child Protective Services.  At any given time there are more than 130 juvenile sex offenders living at Pegasus who are provided daily sex offender counseling, education services, housing, meals, and supervised recreation activities. 


Tim Brown, M.Ed.,LCCA


Mr. Brown holds a Masters Degree in Education from Texas State University and a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin.  He has been licensed as a childcare administrator for 18 years and has over 28 years of experience in providing services to children and adolescents.  He was one of the founding members of Pegasus Schools, Inc. in 1990, and has served in virtually every capacity in providing direct care to the children placed there.


Marty Litchfield, LMFT, LSOTP


Mr. Litchfield currently serves as Program Director at Pegasus Schools, Inc.  During his tenure at Pegasus, he has served as a therapist in all phases of their treatment program as well as Clinical Director.  He is a Licenses Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Provider.  He is an approved supervisor for both licenses, and a clinical member of American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy and the Association for Treatment of Sexual Abusers.


Robert Hart, LPC, LSOTP


Mr. Hart is an LPC Supervisor and LSOTP Supervisor in the State of Texas.  He holds a Masters Degree with a Specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy from Southwest Texas State University (Texas State Univ.) and a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin.  He is the current Clinical Director at Pegasus Schools, Inc. and has been working with juveniles since 1996.




The workshop will emphasize a strength-based approach to helping youth overcome challenges in their three main environments of home, school and with peers.  The presentation will focus on the importance of teaching social, emotional and therapeutic life skills using multiple intelligence¯ methods that emphasize youth individual learning styles.  Further, the presentation will demonstrate how the use of visual analogies (pictures), music, and hands-on experiential activities teach youth in ways that they will both understand and remember.  In the process, the workshop will tie together the more traditional tactics of treating juvenile offending behaviors within the paradigm of addressing the needs of the whole child¯ who engaged in criminal behavior.


The workshop directly addresses the use of creative victim-centered approaches to treatment and management of juveniles who offend which are based on sound, current research relating to multi-sensory learning, multiple intelligence, and solution-focused brief therapy¦In addition, attendees will understand how these strategies are being implemented within the context of residential treatment (including use of polygraph examination).  Finally, the presenters will walk the audience through several practical methods of increasing the capacity of children to demonstrate emotional intelligence and important life skills such as: anger management, problem solving, overcoming peer pressure, keeping laws and rules, and building support systems.





APRIL 28, 2008

Just to let everyone know, if you did not attend the TAPE April 2008 Seminar, you missed a really good one. Everyone in attendance said before they left that “…it was the best one I’ve been to in a long time.”

Everyone was impressed with the topics, the presenters and the information they walked away with. Marvin NOWELL, our fantastic Secretary/Treasurer obtained the handouts from all of the presenters and put them on a beautiful CD that everyone in attendance was given. The CD makes it easy for everyone to keep all of the handouts in one spot and easy to review—no bulky notebooks.

Don Ramsey will be writing a short critique of the presentations to make all of you who were not in attendance begin to wish you were there.

A lot of things went on during the seminar and membership meeting that you really should not have missed out on.

The Fall 2008 seminar will be held on October 30, 31 and November 1, 2008. The host is Frank Robinson and the location is the Holiday Inn El Tropicana, 110 Lexington Ave., San Antonio, Texas. The nightly rate should be $89.00 or less. I think the location is on the Riverwalk. As soon as we have the contract finalized I will be able to provide a little more information. Please make your reservations early so you will have a room at the Inn. Several people waited until the last minute to make their reservations for Fort Worth and did not get into the seminar hotel. Oh, the seminar hotel in Fort Worth was the Hyatt Place on Exchange Street in the old stockyard area. The hotel was just great as for location, on site food service, parking, the rooms and how the rooms were set up—large flat screen TV’s. You should really ask Sue Luttrell about all of the animals she got to see and have wake her up. If you ever stay at that hotel don’t get a room on the back side—you hear several roosters, geese, hens, and ducks carrying on at all times of the night and morning. But, real atmosphere if you want it. If you go to the stock yards expect to see animals not mountains and white sandy beaches.

We need suggestions in writing for nominations that are signed identifying individuals for the following awards that are presented at the Fall Seminar. The nominations must be received 30 days before the seminar so we can hopefully have the awards prepared ahead of time. Submit your letters of nomination to Marvin Nowell, 136 Channel View, Mabank, Texas 75156.

          Rookie of the Year


          Allied Professional

          Examiner of the Year


The Spring 2009 seminar will be held during April 2009 in Humble/Huntsville/Houston, the host will be Kelly Hendricks. When we have more information about dates, location and other pertinent facts you will be informed.


Please try and obtain door prizes from companies you conduct polygraph exams for during the course of business.


Sue Luttrell donated a Pentax II Printer and Axciton donated several flash drives. Thank you Sue and Axciton.


If you hear of, or attend any lectures or seminars and you meet a great presenter that TAPE should contact for a future seminar please let us know.


We do have long sleeve and short sleeve denim shirts with the TAPE logo on them that really look great. Send Marvin a check for $40.00 to cover mailing and handling along with your size, he will be glad to mail you a shirt. If I have gotten the costs of the shirts and cost of mailing and handling wrong Marvin will let you know. Also, order a set of TAPE coffee mugs and your very own dark blue polo shirt with a TAPE logo. I’m not sure of the price but, I know it is very reasonable—contact Marvin. Oh, just go ahead and send him a check for $50.00 for each shirt and $10.00 for coffee cups and Marvin will include a check for any excess amount. Or, contact him at mnowell63@embarqmail.com


Do plan on attending the October seminar. We need individuals to volunteer for officer positions. If you would like to be President, Vice-President or Secretary/Treasurer please volunteer. Don, Raymond and Marvin have been in their present positions for several years. It is time for new blood to take over and move TAPE forward—THINK ABOUT IT. It does not take a lot of your time.


At the general meeting it was presented to the membership that a law suit has been filed and TAPE along with 17 polygraph examiners, 9 therapists and Tarrant County CSCD, by Joseph Lawrence McCarthy, Individually and doing business as FENIAN Polygraph Services. The law suit was filed in the 48th Judicial District court in Tarrant County, Texas. A copy of the original filing was presented and offered for reading by the membership. If you would like to obtain a copy or read the document I was told that you can do a Google Search to get to AntiPolygraph.org, that site has a posting.


The lawsuit was initiated in January 2008. It was decided to present the information to the general membership at the April 2008 Seminar. Marvin Nowell was present for the first hearing and was instructed by the Judge to obtain an attorney. Following discussions between Don Ramsey, Raymond Lee, Marvin Nowell and I, it was suggested that we obtain an attorney who was already involved in the lawsuit. In that Marvin is the organization representative he was requested to make inquires with the attorneys involved in the lawsuit for the defendants and to determine their willingness to take on TAPE, and find out what their fees might be. Marvin decided to go with Noah Webster because he was defending the majority of the polygraph examiners and his fees were the most reasonable as compaered to the other attorneys involved. Two attorneys are representing the therapists and another from the State Attorney General’s Office is representing CSCD. Marvin discovered that Mr. Webster was charging less because he has so many polygraph clients that he can be more reasonable with his fees, Marvin accepted his services. Don, Raymond and I agreed. TAPE is responsible to pay for its portion of the defense costs as billed by Mr. Webster. The other individual polygraph examiners and polygraph businesses are paying their own share.




The general membership will be notified following each pertinent stage of the lawsuit if significant actions take place. The lawsuit is scheduled for trial on July 7, 2008. Up to this point motions and requests for discovery have been going on. The next hearing date concerning motions is set for May 8th at 11:00 A.M. at the Tarrant County Justice Center, 48th Judicial District Court, 401 West Belknap, 8th floor in Fort Worth.


Mr. Webster is a very good lawyer, if you ever need legal assistance consider him first.


TAPE was very lucky to have Sue Luttrell with Axciton Systems; Megan Brown with Limestone Technologies and Shawn Edwards with Stoelting Instruments at the seminar selling their wares and helping examiners experiencing problems, answering questions and over all just being supportive. So, support them.


Have a great day, a better week and do attend the next seminar it will be even better. As soon as the presenters and topics are set we’ll let you know.


Mike Chimarys

Chairman of the Board





Below you will find Marvin's letter to the membership 




Texas Association of Polygraph Examiners




April 22, 2008






This is to update you of the status of the law suit filed by Joseph Lawrence McCarthy dba: Fenian Polygraph Service.  The suit was filed in the 48th Judicial District court, Tarrant County, Texas.


The association was named and served in this suit. Although we feel this is erroneous, the association was obligatory to hire an attorney to represent our interests in court.


I have contacted an attorney who stated he would represent the association in addition to the other persons named in the grievance and divide the expenditure equally.  After investigating numerous other law practices; I felt this was the least expensive avenue for our association. 


I decided and the board concurred that we would retain Ned Webster of Hill and Gilstrap Attorneys at law to represent us in this litigation. 





Marvin Nowell


Marvin Nowell

Secretary / Treasurer





The American Polygraph Association is seeking qualified candidates to self-nominate for offices in the upcoming election.  

The deadline for members to self-nominate for offices on the APA Board has been extended until February 9th. To nominate yourself, send your nomination statement, your CV, and a 500-word candidacy letter (for placement in the ballot packet) to APAelections@aol.com. In the Subject line type your name and the office for which you would like to be considered. The Fair Elections Committee (Past Presidents of the APA) will convene and select two candidates for each of the seven positions open for election in 2008. Those positions are: President Elect, Vice President Government, Vice President Law Enforcement, Vice President Private, Treasurer, Director (2 positions). Even if not selected by the Fair Elections Committee, any member can still initiate a write-in campaign. 

The Fair Elections Committee is chaired by the Chairman of APA Board of Directors (non-voting) and will consist entirely of Past Presidents of the APA. At this writing there are 8 Past Presidents who have volunteered to serve. The two candidates for each office will appear on a ballot mailed on February 15th. APA members will have 30 days to vote and return their ballots. Please ensure that your mailing address is correct at the National Office, and that you have paid your 2008 dues.

If you have any questions about the process, please don't hesitate to contact Don Krapohl at




To the TAPE membership, friends of Wayne Baker and his family:
I received notice that Wayne died, Rick Holden provided a copy of the Obituary. I hope that as many people and friends will attend the services. Please send your cards, letters, flowers and other expressions to the family at Prestonwood Baptist Church, 6801 West Park Blvd., Plano, TX 75093, Telephone: 972-820-5000.
Michael Chimarys
Wayne Baker died on February 2 at 1:30 am.  The Memorial service will be held in Plano, Texas at Prestonwood Baptist Church, Wednesday, 2/6/08 at 1 pm. Wayne was a TAPE member since it's inception, and held a license for over 40 years.  Quite a man.  My best to all, Rick Holden 

Obituary of Wallace Wayne Baker



Wallace (Wayne) Baker passed away on February 2, 2008 after a valiant fight against cancer.  Wayne was born to Kenneth and Verna Mae Baker in Saint Jo, Texas on February 8, 1937.  Both parents and two sisters preceded him in death.  After 4 years service in the United States Army, Wayne enjoyed a distinguished 50 year career as a professional polygraph examiner and law enforcement officer resulting in the “Pioneer Award” from the Texas Association of Polygraph Examiners.  His distinguished career began with 14 years service to the Texas D.P.S. beginning as a State Trooper and promoting to Criminal Law Enforcement/Polygraph where he received praise from law enforcement and government figures for his work on numerous high profile criminal cases, and for his work to develop the polygraph testing field.  Wayne Baker believed that a man’s first obligation is to his family.  His wife of 46 years, Claudette Davis Baker and two daughters Travette Jarma and Leah Olmstead were at his side when he died.  He is survived by grandchildren Abbie Jarma, Schaedel Jarma, and Hunter Olmstead; sons-in-law Barry Jarma and Jim Olmstead; and numerous other family members including one surviving sister.  Wayne was a member of Prestonwood Baptist Church, a 32nd degree Mason, and a member of Hella Shrine.   A Memorial service to celebrate his life will be on Wednesday, February 6, 2008 at 1:00 P.M. in the Chapel at Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano, Texas.