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The Texas Association of Polygraph Examiners consists of professionally trained licensed polygraph examiners who represent law enforcement government and private sectors who are dedicated to verifying information deemed to be truthful.

T.A.P.E. strives to improve the qualifications of its members through setting high standards of professional and ethical conduct, education and achievement.

T.A.P.E. offers comprehensive continuing educational programs, referrals, industry news, organizational newsletters and networking among the examiners joining T.A.P.E.

Membership is available to all individuals who meet Texas qualifications, which are, outlined under "Types of Memberships", payment of yearly membership dues currently maintained at $50.00. (See Membership link)

There is a license requirement in the State of Texas that regulates all persons who purport to be able to detect deception or to verify truth through the use of instrumentation or the use of a mechanical device explained in its entirety at the Polygraph Examiner's Act link

This website is constructed and maintained for the sole use of polygraph examiners and the interested public, deemed to be polygraph consumers, where the information on this website can be accessed by a wide variety of internet ready devices to include all mobile media devices currently in production.

We attempt to keep examiners informed on occurrences in the polygraph industry by creating and emailing our newsletter. Past President Mike Chimarys has volunteered to take this over from our other distinguished Past President Frank Robinson. Please feel free to email Mike Chimarys articles and other information for the newsletter, at his email address of Chimarys7@aol.com

Please also see the link for the Joint Polygraph Committee On Offender Testing (JPCOT) for an updated roster of authorized polygraph examiners for sex offender testing, as well as the HR Polygraph forum, via the Linked In website for current matters in the polygraph industry and operational environment.  To use the HR Forum, log into Linked In,(account needed), search for Lafayette's Sales Rep Sue Lutrell, and scroll down to the section of Groups, and select the HR Polygraph link, and you'll need to join. Once you are approved for postings you can join in. Kudos to Sue Lutrell and Lafayette Instruments for taking the initiative to create this forum, where civil discussions pertaining to polygraph can be held.

T.A.P.E. address: TAPE c/o Maria Hubbard, Sec/Treas P.O. Box 8986; Huntsville, TX 77340; (936) 539-0607

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